Rest is in Crimea! We invite!

Kamenskoe sat down is between Feodosiey and Kerch ashore sea of Azov. Ecologically clean district, clean and warm sea, peschannyy beach, sandy place. Here a sea did some work thoroughly, forming in stony soil of bank grottoes, covers and arched vaults. And higher, where waves not able to reach, worked wind, forming whimsical stone figures in a porous limestone. Outline of stone, rocks, capes constantly change depending on illumination, weather, time of year. And air is here special, made drunk smells exterminating steppes.

The unique areas of virgin feather-grass steppes join to the picturesque coast. Here you will see a few types of feather-grasses and steppe orchid. Some plants are added to the "Red book of Ukraine" and "European Red list". The great number of rare now types of the dry steppes unthrown open was saved in the vegetable world, with the incident to them richest world of insects and shallow beasts. Here is uterine (genetically valuable) associations of azovskoy fish: kambaly-kalkana, bull-calf, sturgeon, grey mullet and other kinds.

Due to a heat, the season of rest is not halted healthful air the whole year round.In daylight saving time to services of holiday-makers are bars, restaurants, excursion service.

Not far from our village of s s. Popovka is conducted popular, annual festival «Kazantip». In a 3 km from with Kamenka is oz. Sivash with medical dirts, a historical monument of ancient architecture is the Turkish fortress.

Everywhere around villages are natural caves are catacombs in which in the Great Domestic war-time partisans operated and a local population was hidden from fascist invaders. Until now it is yet possible to find the trophies of soldiery years in catacombs.

We hope that will please you in Crimea and Your rest will be saturated and unforgettable.

At your disposal comfortable rooms with a conditioner and without in a private sector. Moderate prices will be for you a pleasant surprise.

Detailed information by phone: 915-994-65-07, 8(4852) 74-29 (Angelica), 89129532794 (Lina).

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