There is no psychiatrist like a puppy licking your face.

(Ben Williams)

In our kennel you will be able to purchase a puppy as show - (for exhibitions), brid - (for breeding) qualities, so simply home favourite for the soul. In the moment of sale puppies are instiled, to process against fleas, tick and intestinal worms. On every puppy there is a veterinary passport with the noted prophylactic measures and birth-certificate which you will be always able to exchange for genealogy in any organization in composition RKF (club, kennel). Write, to call. We will endeavour to choose for you exactly that puppy, which you wish. Our contacts:

tel. 8-915-994-65-07, 8(4852)73-74-29; e-mail:,; skype: sengivit; ICQ 401194163 

Now in  kennel  there are no puppies for sale. Birth of puppies is in the near future expected. We can offer you puppies of our friends.

So write, ring and call in guests on a site.

In a  Kostroma city  2 girls from Bitosha were born.  


1 crem girl and 3 boys: crem, rd-sebl and oreng.


Present yet on a sale puppies for our friends. After detailer information apply on a

tel.+7-915-994-65-07 or e-mail:


питомник шпицев