Junior CH . Russia, CH. Russia. 

BOB, BIG - 3 

Date of birth: 28.07.04.

Color: orange
Size: 22-23 sm, weight - 2800gr.  

Knopa – most senior, wise vital experience lady. Quiet, balanced, firmly holds the palm of championship in a house, feel legs. Will always obtain what wants, thus, you even and not will understand that you are used and manipulate frankly by you. Surprising physiognomist.

SW, exelent

Date of birth: 25.06.2006  
Color: orange-sbl

Size: 22-23 sm, weight - 3200gr.  

Manyunya for us worker. All doggy duties on the guard of property and owners was to load on her to the shoulders. And that to do, if around continuous loafers and spongers, quite guarding a house is not wanted. Outrage! But then, these obligations it has assumed an absolutely voluntary and carries them out diligently. So we hour security is provided in full.

Junior CH . Russia, CH. Russia. 

2xBOB, 2xBIG - 3, 4xBest Baby,  4xBIS Baby 1, CH. RFLS, CH. RFOS

Date of birth: 16.12.2007  
Size: 19-20 sm, weight - 2000gr. 

Tusya is a positive glad creature with surprising sense of humour. It, the same as and Bits, loves the whole world and love to give it all frankly and gladly, not scrimping on emotions and kisses. And yet Tusya speaks very interestingly. Does not bark, does not whine, speaks namely. And to what it likes to talk, and to what speech of it is rich in tints and intonations, that already without effort understand a dog, that presently it asks or wants you to say. 

Owner: Vepreva Natalya 


Date of birth: 18.11.2009  
Color: red-sbl
Size: 22-23 sm, weight - 2500gr. 

Igora is a young lady of our breeding. She is daughter Knopki and Bitoshi. It is the first dung from Bitsa in our kennel. Home name it at our place there was Lapka, and when it moved to the new hostess to Natalia, well became Klepoy. So in our kennel two Klepy turned out and, to distinguish them, Igora now passes code-named Klepa-Lapka. Girl with a high intellect and enormous desire to study.

Owner: Panova Inna

Junior CH . Russia, CH. Russia.  
5xBOB, BIG 1, 3xBest Baby, 3xBest Junior, CH. RFSS, CH. OOANKO 

Date of birth: 15.01.2010  
Color: red-sbl
Size: 25-26 sm, weight - 3500gr. 

Klepa is a dog of breeding of our kennel, it is daughter of British Lane'' Lucky Brand (Bitsa) and Fransuazy Fler-de-Lis (Mani). Very elegant, intellectual, affected girl with the brightest individuality and charisma. As well as it was necessary to expect, Klepa at once overmastered the new owners and unobtrusively enslaved them. Now owners are very well trained (blessing easily added training) and execute all commands of Klepy implicitly. Hinting is not necessary twice. Clever owners, consider on the fly.

Joint owner: Е. Turbina, USA

Junior CH . Russia, CH. Russia  

4xJCAC, 3xCAC, 4хBest Junior, 3xBOB, 2xBIG 2, BIG 3, BISJunior 2, CH. RFOS, CH. OOANKO 
Date of birth: 20.04.2010

Size: 22-23 sm, weight - 2300gr.  

This child arrived to us from the USA in age 6 month And here began a fight for a place under a sun, that in my heart. A girl annoying, gusty, squabbler, by a word, fire and wind.

Literally from the first exhibition Sheyla took a very successful start. Sheyly has a very interesting origin. It is more detailed possible to look in a section «Genealogy». 

Joint owner: Е. Turbina, USA

Date of birth: 19.05.2011  
Color: orange-sbl

Merry, mischievous creature with a very steady psyche, direct character and most interesting origin. Mal'vinka from the series of kids – pranksters. It for us instigator of all uglinesses in a house. Who need services in artistic disorder, apply, Mal'vinka will execute them very masterly. With appearance of this girlie in a house life our became continuous Halloween. Coming from work home, I always am lost in conjectures, what next ugliness waits me for this time. Fantasy Mal'viny simply boundless. 

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