Who is spitz? It`s a thief of people`s hearts, it`s a member of your family, it`s a part of your soul, it`s the essence of love and fidelity, it`s a good luck talisman. Irrespective of the size (pomeranian (18-23см), kleinspitz (23-29см), mittelspitz – (30-38см) and grossspitz – to 50 sm) he will strongly lodge in your heart for a long time . He is clever and sharp, creative and merry. He is an extraordinary beautiful creature. The spitz is able to smile and compels to smile others! Don`t believe? You will make sure.

The first pomeranian in our house appeared in 2004. It was Knopka (Knopka iz Chastnoy Kollekcii). I had become a spitz addict since 2001, when at the Dog Show «Eurasia»in Moscow I saw Leonard Nelson in all his beauty. That was all!

I lost my reason! That little soft toy with self-respect and superiority simply overmastered me. Until now Leonard Nelson has been the ideal of pomeranian for me. He has a middle, not rough skeleton, excellent structure of very rich coat, compact, well-built, very boast, with a nice face. Love at the first sight.))) For three years I have been going to my dream. You can imagine what I felt when my Knopka came and settled in our house, I was simply in euphoria. I couldn`t belive in reality of this event, I envied to myself and literally dissolved in this indefatigable, sly, sharp creature. That was a sentence. I`ve fallen in love with spitz for ever.

Now, except Knopka, Manyunechka (FRANSUAZA FLER-DE-LIS) the daughter of Knopy, and Tusena (MARIA MIRABELLA) the granddaughter of Knopy live in our house. New American gentleman and Don Zhuan – Bits (BRITISH LANE’ LUCKY BRAND) came to our kennel, and, my heart feels, that it`s not a limit . Great thanks to my husband, he understands and shares my adore to spitz , helps and supports me in all my initiatives.

It`s our family portrait: my husband Vitaly, daughter Irishka and I.

питомник шпицев